Each one of the individuals in this slideshow has a profound story to tell: some of the stories are heart-wrenching, some are inspiring, and many are both.

You can read about the endeavours that they are all part of in the Projects page.

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Friends/loved ones receive the knowledge that someone in desperate need is being helped in their name, and a person or family in Africa who is burdened by the cruel weight of poverty and HIV/AIDS receives support. »»»

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The most precious gift we can give our children
is education
.|. Nelson Mandela

EDUCATION IS THE KEY to making change in poverty-stricken areas but opportunities are often lacking. In collaboration with Enterprise4Good, positively AFRICA is embarking on a fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 to support the building of a new school and an income-generating project for Soweto Junior primary school in Kenya.

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A project called Kidundu
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Water Walk in Oleleshwa, Kenya
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